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Credit and Debit Card Payment Solutions


Accept Payments In-Store, Curbside, Delivery, or On-line


Mobile App Transactions

Mobile App

Mobile App for Payments

 FREE and easy-to-use Mobile App for iPhone & Android

 Take payments in-store, curbside, or upon delivery through the Mobile App

 Instant cash receivables and instant transfers

 Easy access to send or request payments. It’s like Venmo for the cannabis industry

 Load funds to your assigned Debit Card or your CashBox for immediate use

 View Transaction History & Reports

 No delay in receiving funds/payments

 Invite others to join straight from the App


Mobile App Solution

How it works:

1. Merchant sets up the e-Wallet account with link provided by Trifecta

2. Customers & Vendors set up the e-Wallet & Mobile App account with link provided by merchant via SMS text or Email.

3. Customers & Vendors can load their e-Wallet account by transferring money to their e-Wallet via cash at a local load station, ACH bank transfer, debit card, Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

4. Customers & Vendors use their phone number to pay merchant through the Mobile App or their e-Wallet account.


e-Wallet / Mobile App Solution Details:

Quick boarding process – 1-2 minute process

No Contract – Cancel Anytime

INSTANT money transfers and instant settlements

API Integration for online orders

Take payments in-store, curbside, or upon delivery with just a cell phone number on the Mobile App

Write/Send electronic checks directly from your e-Wallet gateway to your bank, employees, vendors, landlord, utilities, etc.

Transfer funds to your linked debit card for immediate use

No delay in receiving funds/payments

FDIC Insured

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