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Accept Payments In-Store, Curbside, Delivery, or On-line

Who is Trifecta Payment Solutions?

Trifecta Payments is a comprehensive payment solutions provider for high-risk merchant accounts, specializing in the cannabis industry. 

We offer a full suite of payment solutions including Cashless ATM, online gateways, mobile devices, and e-Commerce integration solutions.

Trifecta Payments built its grassroots in St. Louis, MO when three veteran payment processing experts combined their 25 years of payment processing experience and envisioned an opportunity to create a culture that provides cannabis-related businesses with the highest level of service and best value for their payment processing needs. 

We understand the pivotal role payment processing has with our merchant partners and we are committed to helping them find the best solutions at a cost-effective price with the best possible service and support. 

As we continue to transform and grow with the needs of the cannabis industry, the integrity of our highly experienced executive team continues to share one important vision, to do right by our customers.  The core piece of our business is our pledge that the needs of our customers will always be our number one priority. 

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Affordable & Reliable Cannabis Payment Processing Solutions

Running a cannabis-related business is challenging enough without having to worry about your ability to process credit and debit card transactions safely and securely.

Too many fly-by-night companies are selling in the cannabis space, only to get shut down weeks later for “side-stepping” the system. This makes it critical to work with a veteran payment services provider that understands the industry and the legalities of what they can offer.

We have partnered with only the most reliable and innovative companies in the U.S. offering a wide array of merchant payment solutions to cannabis-related industries.

From retail dispensaries or delivery services to cultivators, extractors, and manufacturers, we have you covered with reliable and cost-effective payment processing programs.

Our experienced and CPP Certified industry professionals provide a higher level of service and focus on providing you the best solutions to fit your needs, quickly and efficiently.


Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation at 1-844-781-4700.